BEE-Group Job Opportunities 2023: Agriculture Coordinator, Admin and Finance Officer, Field Facilitator

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BEE-Group Job Opportunities 2023 for Field Facilitator, Admin and Finance Officer, Coordinator

BEE-Group is an autonomous, independent, non-partisan, nonprofit making independent, non-governmental organization (NGO). It was established in 2000 AD, registered in the District Administration Office, Banke, and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council, Nepal.

It is serving in the Lumbini and Sudurpashchim Province of Nepal for the protection and promotion of human rights, environmental conservation, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, building access to quality education health and WASH services, sustainable livelihoods, and community development.

 Since it is working on the rights-based approach to issues such as social justice, peace, human rights, environment conservation, sustainable livelihoods, and community development. It works to attain peace, development, and justice through peoples’ meaningful participation and a bottom-up approach to establishing an equitable, healthy, and self-reliant society by building a trustworthy reputation.

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Project Overview:

BEE-Group is going to implement a project namely CSO actions for resilient ecosystem and community in partnership with Adventistische Entwicklungs- und Katastrophenhilfe Österreich (ADRA) with objectives to contribute in improving the bio-diversity, well-being of the targeted community and farmers of Rapti Sonari RM, Kohalpur M, Madhuban M and Thakurbaba M) in Banke and Bardiya district through forest base enterprise development, natural resource management and support to strengthen the local capacity. The project aims to build resilient capacities of the communities through biodiversity conservation. BEE-Group is seeking qualified, experienced, and self-motivated staff for the mentioned project and requests for applications from eligible candidates.

1. Position: Agriculture and Enterprise Development Coordinator

  • Required No:  One
  • Duty Station: BEE Group Office, Banke with 60% field travel  

Job Summary: 

Under the direct supervision of the BEE Group Executive Director (ED), the Agriculture and Enterprise Development Coordinator will ensure activity implementation and track the project results with coordination and collaboration of consortium partner organizations and ADRA Nepal and stakeholders’ i.e., local government and like-minded organizations. The coordinator is also directly involved in the facilitation, efficient, and timely implementation of the project activities according to the detailed implementation guidelines budget planning, and team mobilization. S/he will ensure the success of a project as per the MEAL framework and project’s log-frame and contribute to the further development of the program. The coordinator will work in close coordination with the technical support of the consortium organization and ADRA Nepal.

Major Task and Responsibility

A. Project Management: Delivering performance and achieving change/impact

  • Ensure effective and efficient planning and implementation of the activities under the project objectives, results, indicators, and strategy with desired output within the approved time frame of the project document, budget, and work plan, 
  • Ensure that the project objectives and targets are achieved in a timely manner and that activities are carried out according to standards: the major outputs are
    • Farmers strengthen their individual and collective capacities to develop enterprise and sustainable livelihoods protecting biodiversity and the environment and contributing to improved livelihoods, well-being, and health. 
    • Coordination between local actors and stakeholders is improved and contributes to safe practices in biodiversity conservation and climate-smart and wildlife-resilient farming practices.   
    • Sustainable alternatives and initiatives are supported in green jobs created utilizing natural resources and ecosystem services.
  • Supervision and mobilization of the project team including concerns related to program-related issues, organizing regular meetings within the project team, sharing relevant information with Executive Director, and the Executive Committee to discuss the problems & solutions and create a constructive work environment.
  • Responsible for results-based program and budget monitoring with regular field visits.

B. Coordination, Liaison, communication, and representation: Coordination with stakeholders, advocacy, and resource generation 

  • Communication and coordination with relevant stakeholders, government authorities, and donor agencies for better implementation of the project interventions. 
  • Maintain relationships with the project participants, local, district, and provincial government authorities, and other relevant stakeholders ensuring that transparency at all levels is maintained and project information communicated to relevant stakeholders in a timely fashion.  
  • Understand that the specific knowledge and skills to get the work done and to deliver organizational outcomes are collaboratively supported when required between different thematic areas and projects. 
  • Assist the fundraising team of the organization to develop proposals for fundraising.
  • Support the management team for updating and implementing the resource generation and mobilization plan.
  • Attend the relevant workshop, training, and meeting and express the organizational view

C. Monitoring and Reporting 

  • Implement and follow up effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in coordination with a consortium partner organisation to ensure project objective and result framework. 
  • Prepare annual, quarterly, and monthly plans and Standard Operational Procedures for the execution of the project activities in accordance with the project’s logical framework and Gantt chart. 
  • Contribute to developing guidelines, templates, training, and support to project members involved in data collection, and ensure the monitoring tools are operated correctly. 
  • To ensure the data are entered into the system using the relevant tools, such as the Monitoring tool, for the project activities. Contribute to the analysis of the project’s results and potential corrective measures to be taken, in collaboration with the consortium partner organization. 
  • Responsible for periodic reporting (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual) of both programmatic and financial in a quality and timely manner to the coordination Executive Director and consortium partner organisation and ADRA Nepal, funding agencies, etc.
  • Prepare, implement, and facilitate the evaluation process according to the initial project timeline and in coordination with government authorities and the consortium partner organisation team. 
  • Ensure that the project participants and stakeholders are well aware of the organization’s complaint-handling mechanism and they have good access to reporting and responding to their complaints in a timely fashion. 
  • Ensure that the working environment is well for all team members making a safer and cooperative working place.

D. Strengthen Organizational Profile 

  • Support to prepare and implement a learning capturing and dissemination plan and to ensure that learning and knowledge of the project and activities are effectively captured and disseminated to help achieve the organization’s objectives. 
  • Coordinate with other stakeholders (i.e., government, academia, I/NGOs, research institutes, etc. as relevant) to share the project’s knowledge as well as to encourage them to capture and disseminate learning and knowledge related to the project interventions. 
  • Led the team to prepare and disseminate a learning capturing and dissemination plan.
  • Assist in updating the organizational periodic and safety security plan and other responsibilities assigned by the organisation and supervisors.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Science with 5 years of relevant working experience in NGO/INGO or, Master’s degree (will be preferred) with at least 2 years in relevant field.  
  • Program Development Professional experience 
  • Experience in program development, planning, implementation, management, and coordination
  • Well familiar with the locality and communities of Banke and Bardiya districts
  • Proven knowledge and experience in program planning and implementation of climate-smart technology, forest-based livelihoods
  • Proven knowledge and skills for managing teams and mobilization 
  • Strong willingness to work with diverse communities, farmers’ groups, and less advantaged /marginalized communities
  • Proven knowledge and experience in working with consortium organizations and government authorities
  • Excellent reporting written skills: able to read, write, and communicate in English at a professional level
  • Good command of computer skills including email, internet, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and database management and reporting.

2. Position: Admin and Finance Officer

  • Required No: One  
  • Duty Station: BEE Group Office, Banke with 40% field travel  

Job Summary: The Admin and Finance Officer is responsible for providing support in finance, administration, and logistics management for the CSO actions for a resilient ecosystem and community project in Banke and Bardiya district ensuring that all financial transactions are carried out in compliance with rules and regulations and in a transparent, ethical manner and records are maintained properly; including processing journal vouchers, reconciling accounts, and preparing reports. Similarly, s/he is responsible for effective budget management which includes budget development, details forecast, payment and disbursements; procurement review; monitoring, and reporting.

Major Task and Responsibility:

A. Manage Accounting System 

  • Prepare the accounts payable of travel and business advance on time with the approval of the supervisors on time.  
  • Accounts payable for payments to suppliers and vendors ensuring all the supporting documents are on time.  
  • Conduct all official activities in such a manner that it ensures the accuracy/authenticity of transactions to completely mitigate the risk of non-compliance with internal/donor and government rules and regular and of fraud, delay, and inaccuracies. 
  • Ensure the tax calculation and deduction on the source of payment as per the Income Tax Act of Nepal. Preparation of Tax, cheque, and deposition on time. 
  • Management of office Petty Cash disbursement regularly with proper cash balance as the organizational policy. 
  • Prepare cash disbursement voucher as per Financial Management Policy and Enter valid account code, cost center, donor combination, and project number on all vouchers according to the chart of account.

B. Record keeping and reporting 

  • Ensure all vouchers are developed with reference to finance policy and procedure. 
  • Real-time data entry and provide required information to the concerned.
  • Preparation of Financial reports and schedules in a prescribed format and submission to the concerned department in a timely manner.  
  • Keep authorized persons informed and advise them to take appropriate actions on financial progress, key financial issues, and serious ethical issues within the organization if any. 

Ensure sound internal control systems and excellent stewardship in communities 

  • Conduct financial monitoring of project activities as per the financial monitoring tools and risk factors.  
  • Report the observation findings to the supervisor upon conducting each financial monitoring and provide recommendations for improvement.  
  • Responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and submitting the financial reports with compliance meetings. 
  • Assist and orient the team in using the forms and format maintaining the consistency for finance and procurement.  
  • Assist the project team in developing budgets, standard costing, and implementation plans and help determine any necessary arrangements including cost-sharing.
  • Support to Project Coordinator in reviewing the project’s detailed implementation plan and budgets to determine the optimal utilization/allocation of funds for the project. 
  • Manage cash flow concerning the project activities, including the timely release of funds and cash forecasting to ensure smooth implementation of project intervention with close coordination of the Project Coordinator. 
  • Ensure minimum financial standards and compliances are applied as agreed between the organization and the donor.
  • Support the internal/external audit team in carrying out the audit in a timely fashion. 

Office Administration  

  • Values in the approach to work and relationships with colleagues and fellow friends
  • Maintain the highest working ethics and integrity
  • Manage office supplies stock and place orders
  • Prepare regular reports on expenses and office budgets
  • Maintain and update business partner databases
  • Organize a filing system for important and confidential documents
  • Answer queries by the employees and clients regarding finance and compliance
  • Assist to project team in logistic arrangements for meetings, training, workshops, and other programs as required
  • Distribute and store correspondence (e.g. letters, and packages)
  • Arrange travel, accommodations, and guest relations as necessary.
  • Organize and manage the schedules and calendars for the project team 
  • Receive and process the communication channels, including email, phone, and physical mail
  • Develop a payroll and personnel database for human resources in the project
  • Ensure functionality of necessary office equipment, and requisition new equipment and supplies as needed
  • Offer assistance in organizing events, including ordering materials and requisitioning meeting spaces
  • Attend meetings and record notes and messages for the project team 
  • Perform duties as assigned by the supervisor

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, management, or Accounting.
  • At least 3 years of practical work experience in a relevant field working with I/NGOs
  • Proven knowledge and practical skills in accounting software handling SARAL BOOK or FAMAS
  • Strong practical knowledge of email intent, Excel, MS Word, and MS Office
  • Willingness to work with diverse cultures and communities   
  • Able to read, write, and communicate in English at the professional level
  • Excellent written skills

3. Position: Field Facilitator (Agriculture Technician)

  • Required No: Two 
  • Duty Station: One of the projects implementing Palika of Banke and Bardiya district 100% field base

Job Summary: The Field Facilitator (Agriculture Technician) will play a vital role in social mobilization and providing technical support to the farmer’s group for the implementation of activities in the field to achieve the objectives stated in the project document inconsistent with the strategic direction of BEE-Group thereby making a major contribution to the development and articulation of the organization’s objectives. The Field Facilitator will report to the project coordinator and work in close coordination with the consortium partner’s staff in the field. The Field Facilitator will be responsible for carrying out the activity implementation with the highest degree of targeted community engagement and building relationships with like-minded stakeholders for the smooth implementation of project interventions.  

Major Task and Responsibility

  • Lead in the smooth implementation of the project activities in the field as per activity implementation guidelines mobilizing farmer’s groups, community forest user groups, and relevant stakeholders providing necessary support in community mobilization for enterprise development and establishment and expansion of climate-smart technology for sustainable livelihoods.   
  • Identification, selection, and if necessary, formation of farmer’s groups and facilitate them for the institutional development and provide regular technical backstopping support.  
  • Ensure effective and efficient implementation of the community mobilization for carrying out the project activities in a timely manner through Social Behaviour Change Communication.  
  • Prepare, participate, and conduct training, and workshops, and support the project coordinator for facilitation to establish and functionalize farmer’s group and community forest user group. 
  • Ensure quality delivery of project activities/inputs as planned way and perform regular field visits to ensure the smooth implementation of project activities in the field.  
  • Support in the development of required technical manuals, guidelines, and resource materials for community mobilization and conduction of technical training and workshops related to climate-smart agriculture practices and introducing climate-smart technology. 
  • Support and facilitate for planning and implementation of project activities properly, ensuring the implementation in the field timely manner.
  • Support to admin and finance department for proper management of financial transactions referring to the compliances.
  • Support to project coordinator in documentation and compilation of quantitative data and qualitative information from the field.  
  • Work closely maintaining the professional relationship with the local government, farmers groups, community forest user groups, and relevant stakeholders.
  • Promotion of a conductive environment through networking and workshops with stakeholders involving public, and private partnerships (PPP), including ward-level and municipal-level government.  
  • Facilitate the newly formed or non-registered farmer’s group for registration at the local government and advocacy for tapping the local government resources to expand climate-smart technologies and improve agriculture practices in the field. 
  • Contribute to the active participation of targeted project participants in the activity implementation and support in building their capacity and leading farmers to collectively engage them for the resolution of identified issues regarding climate change and human-wildlife conflict.  
  • If required, Support and facilitate the Forest user’s group, and local entrepreneurs in promoting forest-based enterprise and marketing to diversify livelihood opportunities and sustainability.   
  • Follow up on the relevant guidelines and reference documents designed by the consortium partner organization and BEE Group in collaboration.  

Education and Experience:

  • Intermediate in Agriculture Science with 3 years of relevant experience in working with I/NGOs in similar fields or Junior Technical/Assistant in Agriculture with 5 years of relevant experience in working with I/NGOs in similar fields. 
  • Well familiar with the locality and communities of Banke and Bardiya districts will be an advantage.
  • Proven knowledge and experience in project activities planning, and implementation, database recording, and reporting.  
  • Strong willingness to work with diverse communities, farmers’ groups, and less advantaged /marginalized communities. 
  • Proven knowledge and experience in working with consortium organizations and government authorities.
  • Reporting written skills and data collection using the applications. 
  • Good communication skills with communities and stakeholders.

For the Application Form, please download the following link:

How to Apply

Interested candidates who meet the criteria are requested to send their application according to BEE Group’s Job application form (Find the application form in the vacancy notice) and send it to by Sunday, October 8, 2023, before 5:00 PM. The names of two referees with contact details must be written on the application form.

Encourage people from disadvantaged and marginalized communities (Women, Dalit, Janajati, Madhesi, Muslims, and People with disabilities) to apply. Local candidates will be given high priority. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further process. Telephone inquiries shall not be entertained.

Candidates applying for a job with BEE-Group must be ready to comply with our Child Protection Policy and Safeguarding Policy on Preventing Harassment, Sexual Exploitation, and Abuse.

Contact Details of BEE-Group

Location: P.O. Box no. 29, Nepalgunj SMC -12, Belashpur, Banke
Phone Numbers: +977 81 550295, 551438

(Note: We simply posted this job opening for informational purposes. So, please read the information and submit an application using the website or email address provided.)

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