Health Service Office Humla Vacancy for Medical Officer

Health Service Office Humla Vacancy :

Government of Karnali Province, Ministry of Social Development, Directorate of Health Services, Office of Health Services, Simkot, Humla, Nepal

As per the decision of the Health Services Office, Humla, in order to manage the health services in a timely manner, in order to manage the health services, specialists of the Rural Municipalities of the district, including specialists, are required to operate other health services. This information has been published for the information of all the concerned Nepali citizens who are eligible for the related post to submit the application by email and hard copy during office hours within 7 (seven) days from the date of publication of this information in the prescribed form of Public Service Commission.

Vacancy Details:

Ad No. 11/2077/078
Position Medical Officer
Level 8th
Required No. 5 (Five
Application Fees (Rs.) 1000
Deadline to Apply 2078-02-02

Additional Information:

Place of application: Health Service Office, Humla.

Application deadline: 2078-02-02 by office hours (if there is a public holiday on the same day, then by 12 noon the next day.)

Minimum Educational Qualification Required: Minimum educational qualification required for the related post and council registration should be mandatory.

Type of examination: Will be by interview.

Date of Examination: 2078-02-03 at 11:00 AM

Location: Health Service Office, Humla.

Salary Allowance: As per the rules of Karnali State Government.

Contract period: Until the end of the Ashad 2078.

Age Limit: Must have completed 18 years and not exceeded 45 years.

Necessary documents to be attached with the application

1) Copy of Nepali citizenship certificate

2) Copies of educational qualification certificates

2) A copy of the registration certificate of the concerned council

Note: The application fee should be deposited in Rastriya Banijya Bank Simikot, Humla’s account No. 1000200010000.

  • Office Name: Health Service Office Humla.
  • Office Code: 3500264016
  • Revenue Title No: 14224 (Examination Fee)
  • Due to Covid-19, the examination fee can also be paid by cutting the cash receipt.

For more information, please contact the Administration Branch of the office (9848344282).

Phone: 087-680234


First published on: 2078-01-27

Health Service Office Humla Vacancy
Health Service Office Humla Vacancy 2078


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