Lok Sewa Aayog New Vacancy 2080: Exciting Civil and Health Service Opportunities-369 Posts

Lok Sewa Aayog New Vacancy 2080: Exciting Civil and Health Service Government Job Opportunity in Nepal for the post of Gazetted 3rd (Technical), Civil Service, 7th and 8th Level Health Service. Engineering Jobs, Health Jobs, Technical Jobs, Latest Government Jobs, Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy 2080, Officer Level Job Vacancy, PSC Job Vacancy, Online Application process for Government Jobs, Eligibility and Criteria, Nepal Jobs, Government Jobs in Nepal, New Lok Sewa Job vacancy will be discussed here with full details.

Lok Sewa Aayog New Vacancy 2080 for 369 Posts

The Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) announces a valuable opportunity for aspiring professionals seeking a rewarding career in civil and health services. We are now accepting applications for various positions under the Internal Competition, Open, and Inclusive categories. This initiative aligns with our commitment to providing inclusive employment opportunities in Grade III (Technical), Grade VIII, and Grade VII positions within the Health Services sector.

Key Information for Applicants:

  • Application Process: Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply through the commission’s efficient online application system at psconline1.psc.gov.np.
  • Advertisement Reference: Notice no. 481/080-81, published on 2080/7/29.

Gazetted 3rd (Technical Positions)

Position, Service, Group, Subgroup:

  1. Statistics Officer
    • Service: Economic Planning and Statistics
    • Subgroup: Statistics
  2. Engineer (Various Specializations)
    • a. Civil, General
    • b. Civil, Highway
    • c. Civil, Sanitary
    • d. Civil, Irrigation
    • e. Civil, Hydropower
    • f. Civil, Building & Architecture
    • g. Electrical, General
    • h. Electronic
    • i. Mechanical, General
    • j. Mechanical, Construction Equipment Maintenance
    • k. Mining
    • l. Chemical
  3. Meteorologist
    • Service: Engineering
    • Subgroup: Meteorology
  4. Geochemist Technician
    • Service: Engineering
    • Subgroup: Geology, General Geology
  5. Engineering Geologist
    • Subgroup: Engineering Geology
  6. Surveyor
    • Service: Engineering
  7. Chemist
    • Service: Engineering
    • Subgroup: Chemistry

Agriculture and Related Fields

  1. Animal Development Officer
    • Service: Agriculture
    • Subgroup: Livestock Production and Dairy Development
  2. Veterinarian
    • Service: Agriculture
    • Subgroup: Veterinary
  3. Food Investigation Officer
    • Service: Agriculture
    • Subgroup: Food Nutrition and Quality Control
  4. Scientist Officer
    • Service: Forest
    • Subgroup: Botanical

Miscellaneous Positions

  1. Computer Officer/Engineer
    • Service: Miscellaneous
  2. Women Development Officer
    • Service: Miscellaneous
  3. School Inspector
    • Service: Education
    • Subgroup: Education Administration, Inspection
  4. Technical Officer
    • Service: Education
    • Subgroup: Education Administration, English
  5. Archeology Officer
    • Service: Education
    • Subgroup: Archaeology, Archeology
  6. Museum Officer
    • Service: Education
    • Subgroup: Archaeology, Museum
  7. Anthropologist
    • Service: Education
    • Subgroup: Testing and Evaluation
  8. Human Right to Service: Officer, Gazetted Third Grade
    • Position: Information Technology Officer
    • Service: National Human Rights

Health Services – 8th Level

  1. Medical Officer
    • Service: Health
    • Subgroup: Public Health Services
  2. Dental Surgeon
    • Service: Health
    • Subgroup: Dentistry
  3. Ayurveda Doctor
    • Service: Health
    • Subgroup: Ayurveda, General
  4. Public Health Officer
    • Service: Health
    • Subgroup: Health Inspection
  5. Radiography Technologist
    • Service: Health
    • Subgroup: Radiography

Important Update on Civil Service Bill and Recruitment Schedule

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has issued a special notice regarding the advertisement of civil service positions. Despite providing consultation to the Government of Nepal on the proposed Civil Service Bill, 2080, dated 5/4/2080, the bill has not been submitted to the Federal Parliament yet. Consequently, the Commission is proceeding with the recruitment process based on the existing Civil Service Act, 2049. This approach ensures that recruitment activities align with the Commission’s annual schedule as per Rule 63 of the Public Service Commission Regulations, 2079.

Examination Details:

  • Type of Exam: The selection process includes Written, Practical, and Interview stages.
  • Exam Medium: As specified in the syllabus for each post.
  • Examination Centres: Kathmandu, with additional locations for specific groups (Dhankuta, Jaleshwar, Pokhara, Butwal, Surkhet, and Dipayal).

Application Process and Fees:

  • Fee: Rs. 1,200 per advertisement.
  • Additional Fee: Rs. 400 for each additional group/type within the same service/group/sub-group.
  • Payment Window: Regular payment until 2080/8/19 and double payment until 2080/8/26.

Eligibility and Application Submission:

  • Age Limit:
    • Civil Service Posts: 21 to 35 years (40 years for women and disabled candidates).
    • Health Service Posts: 21 to 45 years.
    • No age limit for existing permanent civil servants.
  • Application Fee Submission: Via the online system or direct bank payment.
  • Document Submission: Educational qualifications, training, experience, inclusive group opening documents, etc., in PDF format through the online application system.
  • Responsibility: Candidates are responsible for the accuracy of their application details.

Additional Information:

  • Application Deadline: 2080/8/27 (within office hours).
  • Pre-Interview Exam Schedule and Interview Date: To be announced post written exam results.
  • Salary and Job Description: As per the prevailing law, related to the service, group, and sub-group.
  • Ministry of Service: The relevant agencies designated for the administration of services, groups, and sub-groups.

Minimum Qualification Requirements for Various Positions

Understanding the Eligibility Criteria for Aspiring Candidates

The Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) has set specific educational qualifications for candidates interested in various positions in health services, civil services, and other sectors. It is crucial for applicants to meet these requirements to be considered for the roles. Here’s a detailed overview:

Health Services:

  1. Public Health Officer (Health, Health Inspection, 7th Level):
    • Must have a Certificate Level in General Medicine from a recognized institution.
  2. Radiography Technologist (Health, Radiography, 7th Level):
    • Requires a certificate level in radiography from a recognized institution.

Civil Services:

  1. Statistics Officer (Economic Planning and Statistics):
    • A Master’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Demography, or related fields.
  2. Engineers (Various Specializations):
    • Civil, General: B.E. in Civil Engineering.
    • Civil, Highway: Specialization in Civil, Highway, Transportation, or Structural Engineering.
    • Civil, Sanitary: B.E. in Civil or Sanitary or Public Health Engineering.
    • Civil, Building and Architect: Qualification in Architecture, Civil, Building, Structural, Town Planning, etc.
    • Civil, Irrigation: B.E. in Civil Engineering.
    • Civil, Hydropower: Specialization in Civil or Hydropower Engineering.
    • Electrical, General: B.E. in Electrical Engineering.
    • Electronic Engineer: Degree in Aeronautical Radio Maintenance, Radio, Telecommunication, or Electronic Engineering.
    • Mechanical, General: B.E. in Mechanical Engineering.
    • Mining Engineering: Degree in Mining, B.Sc., B.Tech., or equivalent.
    • Chemical Engineering: B.E. in Chemical Engineering or equivalent.
    • Meteorology: Degree in Meteorology or related training.
    • Geology, General Geology: M.Sc in Geology, Hydro Geology, or related fields.
    • Geology, Engineering Geology: Postgraduate degree in Engineering Geology or related fields.
    • Survey: Degree in Survey or Geomatics Engineering.

Agriculture and Related Fields:

  1. Animal Development Officer (Agriculture, Livestock Production and Dairy Development):
    • B.Sc.Ag. in Animal Science, B.Tech. in Dairy Technology, or equivalent.
  2. Veterinarian (Agriculture, Veterinary):
    • Degree in Veterinary Science with Nepal Veterinary Council registration.
  3. Food Investigation Officer (Agriculture, Food Nutrition and Quality Control):
    • Degree in Food Science/Technology/Engineering or related fields.


  1. Scientist Officer (Forestry, Botanical):
    • Bachelor’s degree in Science with Botany as the main subject.
  2. Assistant Conservation Officer (Forestry, National Park and Wildlife):
    • Graduation in Forest Science, Wildlife Management, or related fields.

Miscellaneous Positions:

  1. Computer Officer/Engineer:
    • Graduation in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related fields.
  2. Women Development Officer:
    • Graduate or equivalent degree.

Education Sector:

  1. School Inspector (Education, Education Administration, Inspection):
    • Graduation in Pedagogy or equivalent.
  2. Technical Officer (Education, Education Administration, English):
    • Bachelor’s degree in Education with English as the main subject.
  3. Archeology Officer (Education, Archaeology, Archaeology):
    • Graduation in Archeology or related fields.
  4. Museum Officer (Education, Archaeology, Museum):
    • Degree in Museum Science or related fields.
  5. Anthropologist (Education, Testing and Evaluation, Personnel Testing and Evaluation):
    • Master’s Degree in Psychology or equivalent.

Note for Applicants:

  • Ensure registration with the concerned business council by the last date of application.
  • Submit relevant documents in PDF format through the online application system.
  • Stay informed about the application deadlines and examination schedules.

Eligibility and Documentation Requirements for Various Positions

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has outlined specific qualifications and documentation requirements for candidates applying for positions in the National Human Rights Service and Health Services. It is essential for applicants to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a successful application process.

National Human Rights Service:

  1. Information Technology Officer:
    • Required: Graduation (or equivalent) with Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information Technology.

Health Services:

  1. Medical Officer (Health, Public Health Services, 8th level):
    • Qualification: M.B.B.S. degree from a recognized institution.
  2. Dental Surgeon (Health, Dentistry, 8th level):
    • Required: BDSc. or BDS degree.
  3. Ayurveda Doctor (Health, Ayurveda, General Ayurveda, 8th level):
    • Qualification: Graduate degree in Ayurveda medicine.
  4. Public Health Officer (Health, Health Inspection, 7th Level):
    • Required: Graduation in Public Health.

Special Instructions for Additional Documents and Experience:

  • Inclusive Group Applications:
    • Tribals/Tribes: Certification of caste as per the Nepal Tribal/Tribal Upliftment National Foundation Act.
    • Dalits: Caste certification based on the list by the National Dalit Commission.
    • Disabled Persons: Disability ID card as per the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2074.
    • Madhesi: Certification by the Government of Nepal or the chief district officer.
    • Backward Areas: Citizenship certificate and other relevant documents as per the Civil Service Act, 2049 and Health Service Act, 2053.
  • Experience Requirement:
    • Applicants must have completed the minimum service period by the last date of application receipt.

General Application Guidelines:

  • Submission Window: Applications not submitted within the specified period will not be accepted.
  • Qualification Disclosure: Failure to disclose required details or submit the prescribed fee will lead to application rejection.
  • Assistant Writer Request: Contact the commission’s office at least 10 days before the written examination as per Rule 68 of the Public Service Commission Rules, 2079.
  • Post-Written Test Documentation: Submission of certified copies of educational qualifications, citizenship, service experience, etc., is mandatory.
  • Foreign Qualifications: Equivalence determination by the relevant body is necessary.
  • Examination Protocol: Use of only black ink; non-compliance will result in cancellation.

Syllabus and Further Information:

  • Syllabus Access: Available on the Commission’s website www.psc.gov.np.
  • Advertisement Date: The information was initially published on the Commission’s
  • website on 29/7/2080.

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Notice no. 481/080-81
Publication date 2080/7/29

Lok Sewa Aayog New Vacancy 2080: 7th Level Technician and 8th Level Health Service

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