The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023 for Anesthesiologists, Gender Officer, Bio Medical Technician

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Leprosy is a mildly infectious disease caused by a bacillus called Mycobacterium leprae (a relative of TB). It is most common in places of poverty – overcrowding and poor nutrition mean people’s immune systems are not strong and they are less able to fight the disease.

Leprosy causes nerve damage and, if left untreated, leads to a loss of sensation in the hands and feet meaning everyday activities are fraught with danger. Burns go unrecognised and stones in shoes unnoticed causing ulcers and infections to develop, leading to the shortening of limbs. Leprosy also damages nerves in the face causing problems with blinking, the body’s natural defence mechanism to protect the eyes.

Robbed of this simple action a person can go blind.

The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023 in Detail:  

1. The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023 for Anesthesiologist

Job Post: Anesthesiologists

Overall Purpose of the job for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023;

This position will provide patients with high-quality and painless care during surgical procedures. It is a key role in taking care of patients and ensuring patients receive the care they need throughout a procedure.’

Responsibilities for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023

  • Administering and managing anesthesia as part of the process before, during and after surgery.
  • Evaluate patients and their medical history prior to surgery, including prescription medicine, over-the-counter medicine and herbal s supplements.
  • Examining patients, reviewing medical history and reviewing tests before surgery
  • Fully sedating or numbing parts of a patient’s body in preparation for surgical procedures
  • Creating anesthesia plans for each patient
  • Examine patients to ensure they are prepared for surgery
  • Monitor vital signs during surgery
  • Manage medical problems if they occur during surgery
  • Making cooperative decisions that are in the best interests of the patient
  • Monitor recovery
  • Determine when a patient has recovered from the effects of anesthesia
  • Create recovery plans
  • Working with a medical team to design a patient’s treatment plan
  • Supervising nurses when they administer anesthesia to patients before procedures
  • Maintaining detailed notes on patient treatment, dosing and vital sing
  • Continuing care after surgery to control the level of pain relief and consciousness
  • Communicating continuing care instructions to specialists and nurse.

Specification for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023

  • Must have master degree in anesthesia and specialty registration in Nepal Medical Council experience prefered·
  • Ability to remain calm and focused during procedures
  • Highly detail-oriented to design treatment plans and keep accurate records
  • Excellent communication skills to relay information clearly to medical teams and patients
  • Compassion with patients who may be experiencing pain or discomfort
  • Familiarity with standard concepts, practices, and procedures of anesthesiology
  • Willingness to work on a team to accomplish goals

TLM Nepal is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage candidates of diverse backgrounds, women and persons with disability, to apply” TLM Nepal is committed to safeguarding; protecting children and vulnerable adults and as such candidates will be subject to pre-employment checks.

Application Ends: January 31, 2023

2. The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023 for Gender Officer

Job Post: Gender Officer

Job Description
Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Experience: 2 year

Overall purpose of job for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023:

The Gender Officer will be responsible for integrating and mainstreaming and pro-active to contribute in the organisation and also for the project on planning, implementation, monitoring of gender related activities and reporting to Head of Programmes & Learning.

This position will requires building the capacity of women within the community to facilitate their participation and leadership role in emergency management, Mentoring coaching & supporting programme teams and partner staff in gender mainstreaming and safe programming. S/he will also require to lead in integrating gender into MEAL processes in operation area; setting of specific indicator for process monitoring and follow up, advising team in getting gender specific information through monitoring process.

Key tasks and responsibilities for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023

Planning and Implementing Project Activities:

  • Plan the programs based on the Gantt chart for the area and groups or cooperative members under your responsibility.
  • Actively participated in every planning and reporting meeting and support to organize.
  • Support and facilitate to other program staffs of the project to organized the activities.
  • Organized the planned activities under your responsibility in close coordination with other project staff and in the consent of the group members considering the seasonal calendar.
  • Coordinate with different stakeholders for the cheaper and better result of the activities.
  • Support and facilitate to other program staffs, field volunteers groups/ cooperatives to conduct the meeting.
  • Facilitate other staffs and SHG/Cooperative members to select the suitable IGA based on the gender lens
  • Facilitate to raise the issues of gender, domestic violence, stigma, disability and discrimination of the SHG/Cooperative members .
  • Facilitate to link the members with local judicial committee and district bar for the victim of domestic violence, discrimination, stigma etc.
  • Develop the training materials and information, education and communication materials for gender and inclusion related .
  • Conduct needs assessment on gender issues.
  • Collect data, analyze and collate information on the participation of women with Leprosy, and disability within project communities. This include:
  • The barriers women with leprosy and disabilities face
  • Their roles, access and rights within the communities or SHGs
  • Incidence of domestic violence (DV) and analysis of support services for domestic violence.
  • Livelihoods women mostly participate in and their potential for advancement in their livelihoods.
  • Women’s and girls’ roles within households
  • Women’s participation in the activities conducted the organization
  • The skills women need access to for empowerment to participate and gain standing with their communities or to access sustainable livelihoods.
  • Analysing the data that has been collected to access:
  • The relationship between access to employment, particularly if it is outside the home environment, and overall household income?Investigate whether increased income, particularly for the woman, changed (improved) decision-making power or led to negative perceptions
  • The differences that have occurred since women have started to participate in SHGs as a result of training for women e.g. business or farming activities
  • Act as a focal point/representative on Gender in Nepal Response by TLM in operation area for enhancing sharing, linking and learning process with field teams, relevant technical/thematic issues, as well as coordination with external concerned people and authority
  • Support field program team members to maximize program participation and increase empowerment opportunities for marginalized groups including the Women, Dalits, Janajatis, etc.
  • Ensure that activity design maximizes participant engagement from the beginning of the program while managing and mitigating risks of cultural disrespect and gender based violence

Women Empowerment:

  • Provide training in basic skills that women require that will support their empowerment (literacy skills, vocational skills)
  • Provide women with leprosy and disability (through SHGs) with training in advocacy and influencing
  • Find out additional ways in which we can invest in women and girls empowerment?

Capacity Building for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023;

  • Identify the gender perspective need/gap of staffs, project volunteers and community Champions/SHGs/Cooperatives.
  • Develop the gap filling program with the support of PM and other program staffs
  • Provide training to stakeholders, partners and local communities on gender based violence and prevention.
  • Increase awareness on gender based rights to women with leprosy and disability, their families and communities.
  • Provide training to staffs, health officials on gender and development, particularly on what to look for (e.g. changed behaviors) and how to provide feedback to the gender specialist.
  • Conduct media awareness activities.

Partnerships and Public Engagement for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023

  • Establish partnerships with women’s rights groups and conduct joint advocacy campaigns
  • Provide information and increase awareness in the community of support groups/organizations for women with leprosy and disability who experience discrimination and violence
  • Identify the resource sharing partner for the common issues to organize the activity jointly
  • Collaborate with state or local government to conduct events to celebrate women’s day, leprosy day. Disability day etc
  • Participate in relevant gender forums and networks focusing on advocacy on Gender equality and GBV prevention and response
  • Maintain relationship with partners and allies among the women’s organizations, both to support them in communicating to the rest of the organization policy or other emerging issues, and to promote their participation in coordination systems at the local level

Reporting & Documentation for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023:

  • Submit monthly and event wise report to PM of all field activities
  • Prepare monthly work sheet and event wise report
  • Collect field level information and document them
  • Collect baseline, Mid-term and final evaluation of SHG/ Cooperative members and support
  • Prepare, encourage and facilitate to Community champions to prepare transformation story of project beneficiaries

Monitoring and Evaluation for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023

  • Ensure that projects target relevant gender issues and review projects for gender impact
  • Support in the monitoring and evaluation of activities ensuring gender equality is maintained and justify it through a report quarterly
  • Mentoring and coaching programme teams and partner staff in gender and safe programming


  • Working together with the Project Manager to support the implementation of the policies, procedures and Code of Conduct and raise awareness of safeguarding issues within the project and community
  • To ensure that there is a beneficiary feedback mechanism in place (Community–Based Complaints Mechanism
  • Receives reports about concerns or incidents at project level
  • Reports all concerns raised to the Country Designated Safeguarding Lead

Any other job as assigned and agreed with the reporting manager.

Person Specification for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023;

  • Bachelor’s degree (holder) in Social Science, Human Rights , Law, international Development, or related fields
  • Minimum 2 year’s experience particularly using participatory approaches and methods related to different components of Gender with fluent in Nepali and English languages
  • Genuine commitment to a rights-based approach, gender equality and protection
  • Proven analytical and strategy development skills. Understanding of monitoring processes, learning, adaptation and evaluation
  • Ability to work in multi-cultural team across different geographical locations, including providing remote support to field teams/partners when required

Application ends: January 31, 2023

3. The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023 for Bio Medical Technician

Job Post: Bio Medical Technician

Job Description for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023;

Installation Role. for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023

  • Install and calibrate biomedical machines, equipment, and software.
  • Evaluate the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of biomedical machines, equipment, and software.
  • Keep up-to-date service histories on all biomedical machines and equipment.
  • Research new materials, technologies, and engineering aspects of biological processes and systems.
  • Write reports and documents detailing protocols, policies, standards of use, maintenance, and repairs of biomedical equipment, machines, and software.
  • Disseminate knowledge about the biomedical engineering field through writing, teaching, or consulting.

Support/Service Role for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023

  • Maintain and repair biomedical machines and equipment, when needed.
  • Provide technical support, when needed.
  • Train clinicians and other personnel on how to use biomedical machines and equipment, safely and effectively
  • Prepare documentation of every maintenance job.

Specification for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023

  • Should have completed Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering with 1 year experience.
  • Bio-Medical Technician, Electronic / Electronic Overseer could also apply.
  • Experience in the installation and maintenance of medical equipment is required.
  • Should have product ‘-wise knowledge/experience in sales of medical equipment like CT/MR/X-Ray/DR/C- Arm/Flat Panel Detector/USG/ECG/Anaesthesia / Hospital furniture/ Lab Equipment and Lab products etc. are desired.

Application ends: January 31, 2023

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Application Deadline for All post January 31, 2023
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Contact Details for The Leprosy Mission Nepal Job Vacancy 2023

Country Office

Address: Tikabhairab Road, Satdobato, Lalitpur, State-3, Nepal

Phone:  +977 01-5151371


Anandaban Hospital

Address: Anandaban, Lalitpur
State-3, Nepal

Phone: +977 01-6218398


Patan Clinic

Address: Tikabhairab Road, Satdobato, Lalitpur, State-3, Nepal

Phone: +977 01-5151931

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